This is Foster The People’s EP, released in 2020 with a highly elaborate name and a lot of resonance for myself. This is the first full project I’d encountered from the L.A based band since 2011’s Torches (to which they will eternally be tethered to as “Pumped Up Kicks” was…

The space-age, blurry album cover for Zeros (Credit: Columbia Records/News Break)

The first album review of my 2021 album listening experiment covers one of the UK’s most intriguing singer/songwriters around, Declan McKenna. This is his second studio album, Zeros, which released on September 4th, 2020. I managed to forget to listen within the first three months of its release, not without…

In the afternoon of January 1st, 2021, I felt the need to fill a certain void that had been created by a series of social restrictions in Britain which foreshadowed the impending third instalment of a national lockdown. As per, I turned to music. To The Album A Day Experiment

D'rel Gayle

A student with an affinity for music consumption and analysis amongst other interests in culture and current affairs. Writer of The Album A Day Experiment.

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